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The 3 Decades Young,
We Are Marwadi Group!

Marwadi Group is a leading financial services provider offering a comprehensive suite of services for creating and managing wealth. So what makes our Company great?
No rocket science actually! While you invest your hard earned money in financial securities, we invest to ensure your portfolio is catered in a keen customized way.
That’s how we built trust in our customers, leading to life-long relationships.

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Loans are not just restricted to banks. Let the leaders in the Securities Lending and Borrowing Mechanism (SLBM) enable you to lend your idle securities and help you make an extra premium on your existing shares. Why settle for less when you can earn more?


Our Smart Portfolio analysis (SPA) tool has been specially designed for all our customers. It analyzes your portfolio in a scientific way so that you know the opportunity loss and it helps you rebalance your portfolio.